In the autumn of 2017, General Curator Mauno Seppäkoski was looking for a local metalworks company with the capacity to deliver a caretaking cage and other possible equipment for the future residents of Ähtäri ZOO.

They did find a top company nearby, namely Jarte Steel, whose CEO Jarmo Ylä-Vannesluoma was convincing not only in terms of professionalism, but also with his interestedness, positivity, and openness.

The cage commissioned from Jarte Steel has been dimensioned and designed especially for the special procedures related to the caretaking of pandas. In addition, Jarte Steel delivered shovels to Ähtäri Zoo, which are used to clean up the cages of the pandas Lumi and Pyry.

Both Seppäkoski and caretaker Anna Palmroth are satisifed with the cooperation with Jarte Steel. They are particularly happy about how communications were fluent and desires understood and accommodated in a professional manner.

Pandat, Ähtäri Zoo ja Jarte Steel